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End-Stage Kidney Disease

Treatment for End-Stage Kidney Disease in Dallas and Rowlett TX. 

Hope for Kidney Disease

Dr. Muzzaffar Hussain, Dr. Syed Ali, and Dr. Adnann Polani are unparalleled medical doctors, experienced, skilled, licensed, and board-certified in Nephrology and Internal Medicine, and direct the CKD Consultants of Kidney Disease with its primary office location in Dallas, TX.

However, at our other targeted office locations, North Dallas, Plano, Mesquite, Royse City, Rockwell, and Rowlett, TX. Our esteemed doctors wish to discuss with their patients all they can about end-stage kidney failure.

End-Stage Kidney Disease

The function of your kidneys is,

  • Remove waste, excess water, and acid from the blood
  • Balances water, salt, and minerals in the body
  • Makes urine to remove waste
  • It makes hormones to control blood pressure, keeps bones strong, and makes red blood cells

CKD Consultants of Kidney Disease in Dallas and Rowlett TX, explain that when the kidneys can no longer filter this waste, we must resort to other options, such as dialysis or a kidney transplant. A diagnosis of kidney failure means we must closely monitor your kidney function.

To arrive at a diagnosis of kidney disease, you must have an underlying condition such as high blood pressure or diabetes as the primary purpose for developing kidney disease. There are five levels of progressive kidney disease. The end stage is the fifth and final level before death.

Medical researchers found that the development of kidney disease is caused by various problems that, in turn, damage the kidneys. You could have any of these health issues that eventually lead to kidney disease.

  • Diabetes
  • Genetic kidney cysts
  • Autoimmune disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney stones
  • Chronic kidney infections/UTIs

End-stage renal failure has serious complications such as severe anemia, bone disease, brain damage, edema, fluid in the lungs, increased potassium/phosphorus, infections, nerve damage, seizures, or stroke.

If you have symptoms, you may be developing kidney disease; we can take preventative measures to help manage the disease. We can control high blood pressure or diabetes, and we limit the damage to our kidneys through exercise, diet, restricting fluids, and avoiding harmful foods.

If you have a diagnosis of kidney disease, please give Dr. Hussain, Dr. Ali, and Dr. Polani a call today at the CKD Consultants of Kidney Disease in Dallas, TX, at (469) 904-2020. Our doctors have in-depth experience in kidney health, trending tests, and care options.

We have an easy referral process so you can make your appointment as soon as possible. We have a treasure trove of educational programs and embrace excellent communication with your entire healthcare team to manage and treat your kidney disease.

We cannot cure kidney disease. However, we can slow and manage its progression through dialysis or a kidney transplant. We can help you live your life to its fullest.

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