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Treatment for Kidney Disease in Dallas and Rowlett TX

When you've been previously diagnosed with issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, or lupus, your doctor will let you know that you are at risk for kidney disease or kidney failure. It's important to talk to our nephrologist to diagnose, treat, and manage any issues with your kidneys and any disease that may have occurred from the previous illnesses mentioned. If you are able to work with your doctor at an early stage, you can help avoid the need for dialysis and learn to manage and live with kidney disease.

Taking Care of the Kidneys

When it comes to the kidneys, there are certain diseases that you may deal with and some may be caused by specific problems. This could be diabetes, high blood pressure, or lupus. It's important to work with a kidney specialist to manage your symptoms and make sure you live a great quality of life. Diabetes can cause diabetic kidney disease. This is extremely common within adults with diabetes and should be properly monitored and treated.

Chronic kidney disease is when the kidneys have gradually started to deteriorate and no longer function properly. The kidneys are important to help filter out waste and excess fluid from the lungs and when they don't properly work, there can be a dangerous build up of fluid and waste in your body. Your nephrologist can help you manage this condition and live without severe pain or issues.

Treating kidney disease could mean making lifestyle changes and taking supplements on top of changing your diet. If lifestyle changes don't help, your doctor can see if dialysis is needed and refer you to a specialist.

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